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FallT v1.0

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FallT is a variation on my other falling script Fall except this one only uses text for the falling objects.  You can of course use an * or similar for the text and still get a snowy effect or you can use a short message like "Happy Xmas".  As this version is not as graphical as the other fall script I've added a colour fade to give things a bit of depth.


Setting it up is easy:

  1. Download (contains fallt.js & example.htm)
  2. Extract "fallt.js" from the zip file and place within your site somewhere.
  3. Put this line anywhere within the <BODY> tags on your page(s):
    <script type="text/javascript" src="pathto/fallt.js"></script>
  4. Change the "pathto/fall.js" to reflect its location in your site.

That should be it...


If you want to reconfigure FallT you will have to modify the variables as shown below:
(all on the first line of the script)

  • no=15
    number of objects
  • speed=30
    delay speed (milliseconds)
  • slider=30
    how far to waft side to side (pixels)
  • fallmax=8
    maximum falling speed (pixels)
  • wind=0
    prevailing wind (1=right, -1=left, 0=off)
  • fallwhat="&#149;"
    text to display falling (set to bullet with code "&#149;")
  • fallsize=20
    font size to use (pixels)
  • fallfont="Tahoma"
    Font Family to use for falling text
    (for multiple downgrading fonts, separate with commas i.e. "Tahoma, Arial, Verdana")

To change the colours you will need to change the colours in the array.  you can have as many colours as you like and you can use any hex colours you like from #000000 to #FFFFFF and they can be random or you can use another of my scripts, fade, to create a fading colour array.

Toggle FallT

Fallt can be processor intensive for low spec machines. So you can add a toggle switch to your page to allow your visitors to turn off FallT. The toggle can be made from a link on any object/text to the toggle function:

<a href="JavaScript:togFall();">Toggle FallT</a>





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